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Honestly, This Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

No joke, I love penguins so much that I could watch this video on loop for days.

It’s seriously the single most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

penguins jumping on an iceberg

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I (heart) Anthony Weiner

It’s pretty well known that I enjoy Anthony Weiner. In fact, I would consider moving to New York just to be in his congressional district. Why? Cuz he’s funny. He says what’s on his mind, and doesn’t let other people bully him. Regardless of your political beliefs, it’s pretty clear that absolutely nothing is getting accomplished by the government these days, and Rep. Weiner provides me with the entertainment I need to keep from going crazy because of the government’s dysfunction.

Here are some classic examples of Weiner in action:

1. Without a doubt, this is my favorite. House Mouse, Senate Mouse. This was in response to a newly elected representative trying to circumvent the policies for how bills get passed. (Jump to 1:48 if you don’t have 3 minutes)

2. My first introduction to Rep. Weiner was his classic rant related to the Republicans blocking the vote on the 9/11 First Responders Bill. He’s pissed. “THE GENTLEMAN WILL SIT!” (Like I said, if nothing is going to get accomplished in Congress, at least I’m getting my money’s worth in entertainment value!)

3. “Half-Time” report on the attempt to repeal healthcare. Again, if nothing is getting done, the commentary might as well be good.

4. My second favorite. I saved it for last because it’s long, but I promise it’s worth 12 minutes of your life. Dude roasts himself at the Correspondent’s Dinner.

Follow him @RepWeiner. Why? To see the “’70s Jew Fro” of course!

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Congress/Abortion Funding

Reasons why I love Jon Stewart are infinite. Here’s a great example.

And for the record, are we seriously arguing about 191 abortions? Can’t my tax dollars go toward congress talking about something that actually matters?

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Republicans In Action

It’s no secret that I love Jon Stewart. Regardless of who he’s making fun of, he always makes his point and makes me laugh. In this instance, there’s not really much that had to be said.

Check this out: RNC chairman candidates must name their political hero, aside from Ronald Reagan, defend marriage, and reveal how many guns they own.

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This Makes Me Super Angry

It’s definitely not news that the Catholic Church has some issues. Why they continue to cover up pedophile priests instead of defrocking them is something I will never understand. Here’s a great case in point:

Vatican tried to keep Irish child rapist as priest

I consider myself lucky. I went to Catholic school from K-12. My K-8 was located on a property with a church that had 10 or more priests. Priests constantly came and went. Thankfully nothing happened to me. Unfortunately, a boy at a nearby Catholic school was molested. This is just not OK.

I was at my old K-8 last month with my family and fiance. It was their annual carnival and priests were wandering around. Keep in mind my fiance attended public school and is not Christian. His ignorance about why things were done the way they were really opened my eyes. This conversation in particular really woke me up:

Fiance: What grades did the priests teach?
Me: They didn’t teach. We had all female teachers, and they had nothing to do with the church
Fiance: Then what did the priests do?
Me: They just wandered around campus at recess and lunch
Fiance: Wait a minute. You had Catholic priests wandering school for no purpose other than to spend time with little boys and girls?
Me: Well they played with us at recess. Showed us magic tricks.
Fiance: Um you’re proving my point….and did they give you Jesus Juice? That generally sounds like a bad idea

Again, thankfully nothing happened to me, or to anyone else at my school that I’m aware of. But seriously – with this kind of a set up you’re just inviting bad things to happen. It really makes me angry that not only is the coverup continuing, but there has been no change in the structure of the organization. Why are priests wandering elementary schools? Seriously. I am outraged.

On a happier note, this makes me laugh. Pope Benedict recently watched a show of half naked male acrobats (they were half naked cuz they stripped down in front of him…). There are way too many comments I could make, so I’ll just let you enjoy ;)

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New Phone

I’m officially eligible for an upgrade on my phone. I presently have the Blackberry Storm (1), and it sucks. Not that it was always a shitty phone, just that it’s not designed for the long haul. It’s basically crapped out on me.

I want a new phone. Not the iPhone


I’m getting some sort of Android. It’s down to A) The Droid X or B) The Droid 2

Here’s the thing: I’m at a complete loss and hate making decisions about phones that I get stuck with for 2 years!

I leave for Italy in 2 weeks. The Droid X is sold out until I go. The Droid 2 should be released by the time I come back. So I can have either phone when I get back. No advantage to either.

The Droid X comes with OS 2.1, but you’ll be able to upgrade to 2.2 once that comes out. The Droid 2 will come out with 2.2. In my opinion, there’s still no advantage to either.

They have the same size memory. Still equal.

Here’s where I can’t find info. Droid X = 8 megapixel camera. I know it’s display size, battery length, etc. I haven’t yet found specs on the Droid 2. Anyone know that?

It might just come down to which has the better battery life. Is there a better way to pick a phone?

Advice please!

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A Letter to FIFA

Dear FIFA:

I would like to thank you for tainting the 2010 World Cup. Because of your regulations, I have found myself yelling at my television set like a maniac. This is doing nothing for my stress level or my blood pressure. I know I’m not alone; your decisions have impacted teams from most continents.

What am I talking about? Goal-line technology. Or rather, a serious lack thereof. Any kind of replay would be useful really. But because you choose to remain in the stone age, we are left with referees having to rely on what they think they may have seen. And honestly, it’s just not working.

I’m not even writing as an angry American fan. Yes, you fucked over my team. Twice. TWO TIMES. Group play game 2: I’m still not sure what that penalty was. Offsides? A foul? You tell me. Then in game 3: Dempsey was perfectly even (or even a little back) with the last defender. That’s a goal.



But again, I’m not trying to be an angry American. Let’s look at some of the other muffed calls:

  • Italy vs. New Zealand: Smeltz is clearly offsides. No goal. No tie. NZ shouldn’t have gotten that point. Sorry Kiwis!


  • England vs. Germany: I’m sorry, but that ball was at least a full foot over the line. There is NO question that was a goal. When your tying goal is disallowed that really changes the mentality you have in the game. It’s just not OK. You tell me – how did this not count?

  • Mexico vs. Argentina: Mexico got FUCKED. This was clearly offsides. From here they self-destructed. I would like to at least dream that the game would have been much closer were it not for this terrible call by the referee AND line judge.


So there you have it. 5 solid examples of game-changing, even tournament-changing calls that would have easily been correct if replay technology were allowed. As a true fan of soccer, I urge you to maintain the sanctity of the game by allowing such technology onto the pitch. The status-quo just isn’t cutting it anymore.


Caro :)

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Alex Reads Twilight

Before I introduce the greatest youtube series ever, I need to give some background.

Typically I am anti- all things that tweens are into. These things tend to be so incredibly sappy, unrealistic, and generally extremely terrible. To top it off, I can’t stand large groups of twelve year old girls squealing together and thinking they own the place. It obnoxious and it drives me out of my mind.

Then Twilight came out. Not even going to give this a chance. It’s all the things that I just described.

Then New Moon came out. I kind of was interested from the previews. A lot of my friends are super into the whole saga, so eventually I broke down. I saw Twilight, then a week later saw New Moon (in theaters, and sweet Jesus there were SO MANY squealing teenagers!).

I’m not even going to try and closet my feelings. I <3 Twilight. I’m genuinely happy I gave it a chance, and I’m actually pretty surprised I liked it so much. I could watch it over and over (well maybe no more than twice a month lol) and not tire of it. Edward? Yes please.

But we also have to talk about the fact that it’s all of the things I traditionally hate. I’ll give the sappy, unrealistic-ness of it all a pass, since that’s part of what makes it enjoyable. But the acting is abhorrent and there is no excusing that. And I can’t get past the Morman undertones/subliminal indoctrination. To top it off, we’re talking about a SUPER unhealthy relationship here. Edward is kind of a stalker and Bella needs some self-esteem stat. I haven’t read the books yet, but I have a feeling that the quality isn’t going to be that great so I’ve been putting it off.

And then MZ introduced me to Alex Reads Twilight.

OMFG I haven’t laughed this hard in years. He points out all the nitpicky things that I would find problems with and makes fun of them. Whether you love or hate the Twilight Saga, I really think you’ll appreciate this series just based on his sarcasm, wit, and British accent.

So here it is: Chapter 1


(note: he seems to only do ~2 chapters a month, and as of today he’s only up to ch. 14. it’s completely worth the wait)

I Fucking Love Wade Robson

There’s no further explanation needed, but I’ll give one anyway :)

Basically he choreographs some of the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen. It’s so strange, yet oddly captivating. I always love his routines on SYTYCD, though I find they are increasingly few and far between. (And as cruel fate would end up, he choreographed tonight’s opening routine, which I missed because the Fox HD feed was down – gonna have to yell at Fox or my cable provider for that one!)

Anyway back to the love. I just discovered that he’s Australian. How could I have overlooked that?! We all know how I feel about the land down under and the men produced there. HI ;) I also discovered that he’s about my same age. That’s talent to be winning awards for doing stuff in your 20s!

There are so soooo many good routines to watch, but my favorite one (at least my favorite one that I can find) is the Cabaret Hoover with Sara and Jesus from season 3.



Here’s one more:


(and to clarify, yes, that is Mr. Robson in Ramalama)

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Kittehs On A Slide

Courtesy of LolCats:


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